Car wash

Using high-quality agents from well-known manufacturers such as Koch Chemie, Presta, Malco, in the sum of our years of experience - we can guarantee the quality of the result. One of our main rules - respect for the paintwork, its protection and care.

Exterior wash services involves removing bitumen stains, flies / mosquitoes, dust, dirt and sand from the body of the car and out of the wings, only after that happens wash with shampoo, cleaning discs with special acid for discs Koch Chemie, washing rapids. We use liquid wax every wash, giving the car a shiny look, then use special drying cloth made of semisynthetic semileather, obligatory use of compressed air and applying gloss on tires.

Cleaning of the cabin occurs in 3 phases:

  • Thorough vacuuming around the cabin and trunk + air purge all gaps (if necessary)
  • Careful cleaning of all plastic interior with Koch Chemie agents (leather seats are also included when available)
  • Wash the glass from inside with Meguiar's agent with the scent of black grapes.

Dry Cleaning of the car interior is made according to our rule Puhas Töö. It includes exterior wash services, thorough interior vacuuming, cleaning plastic, glass. Also includes wet cleaning of floor mats, seats, ceiling, inserts of a material on the doors, tailgate and at the end of work - drying.

Processing of paint and it's protectionis performed by various agents and waxes.

The ratio of it's price and quality - guaranteed.

For customers there is a cozy waiting room with cable TV and WiFi.

Quick wash - 10 EUR

Pre-soak, high pressure wash (15 mins)

Summer exterior wash - 15 EUR

Pre-soak, shampoo, high pressure wash, rims wash, tire shine, rubber mats wash (35 mins)

Winter exterior wash - 25 EUR

Winter pre-soak, shampoo, high pressure wash, liquid wax for faster drying, rims acid cleaning, tire shine, rapids treatment, silicone for door gaskets, rubber mats wash, drying (45 mins)

Asphalt removal wash - 35 EUR

Complete removal of stains of bitumen, summer exterior wash (60 mins)

Quick interior cleaning - 6 EUR

Seats and mats vacuum cleaning (trunk extra 2€) 20 mins

Complete interior cleaning - from 25 EUR

Interior and trunk vacuum cleaning; glass, dash and console cleaning with special agents (35 mins)

Hard waxing - 60 EUR

Pre-required to make the removal of bituminous stains. Waxing by hand (special durable water-repellent wax). Treatment of external plastic parts and tires. (2,5 hrs)

Quick polishing - from 150 EUR

Complete removal of bituminous stains, polishing of painted and varnished surfaces with special paste, waxing. (3 hrs)

Thorough polishing - from 200 EUR

Complete removal of bituminous stains, multistage polishing of painted and varnished surfaces with special paste, glossing, waxing. (5 hrs)

Leather seats cleaning - from 15 EUR

Leather seats and interior treatment with special agents. (30-60 mins)

Interior leather treatment with cream - 50 EUR

Interior leather treatment with cream (30 mins)

Interior dry cleaning - from 150 EUR

Machine cleaning of seats (partially leather parts), ceiling and interior paneling, vinyl parts cleaning (6 hours, car is kept for 24 hrs, 1 seat - 15€). The price depends on the degree of contamination of the interior.

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